Producers benefit from our global presence Pig and pork producers now operate in a global market. TOPIGS is active throughout the world and present in all major pig-producing countries. Our companies and distributors around the world form an intensive in...

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Solving problems, maximizing added value TOPIGS is more than genetics and AI; it is genetics combined with service and knowledge. A team of specialists supports users of TOPIGS genetics in the areas of breeding, nutrition, health, and carcass quality. Th...

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Building solid relations based on mutual trust As a partner for your pig production we work on establishing a solid long-term relationship. Clients and other partners can rely on us not just today, but in the future as well. By creating long-term relatio...

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Acting in the best interest of all our stakeholders TOPIGS believes in sustainability. This means that TOPIGS animals are robust and produce robust progeny. TOPIGS takes the biology of the pig into account. We define this as “balanced breeding”, an a...

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Leader in pig genetics

TOPIGS is a global leader in pig breeding and artificial insemination. TOPIGS is active in over 50 countries and is the leading company in its field. By working with local subsidiaries, joint ventures and distributors, TOPIGS is ideally placed to meet the...

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The absolute top in pig genetics TOPIGS researchers are continuously working on improved breeding techniques, AI and the development of new genetic products. TOPIGS studies the genes that are important for pork quality characteristics, ranging from meat ...

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