• TOPIGS and Norsvin merge into Topigs Norsvin
    The world's most innovative swine genetics company
  • TOPIGS Research delivers
    TOPIGS is continuously working on improved genetic products
  • Uniformity matters
    Uniform pigs give better results
  • Less boar taint
    Genetics for less boar taint
  • Never heard of TOPIGS before?
    TOPIGS is Progress in Pigs
  • Advanced breeding with genomic selection
    Using the latest technology

TOPIGS is the number one when it comes to Total Efficiency

We have the genetics to produce the most kg of pork per kg of feed.

TOPIGS is a global leader in pig breeding and artificial insemination. TOPIGS is active in over 50 countries and is the leading company in its field. Our size combined with our specialist breeding expertise enables us to achieve continuous substantial genetic improvement.


TOPIGS is Progress in Pigs. And this progress is aimed at breeding the best possible pig for the lowest possible cost price.


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    Eurotier, Hannover, Germany

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Joint venture: TOPIGS and Ruibang

Ruibang, a private Chinese company in Hebei province, and TOPIGS China, signed a strategic joint venture agreement on June 27, 2014. The joint venture will operate a nucleus...

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15 July: Second Topigs Norsvin Webinar

In the 2nd Topigs Norsvin webinar, industry experts Philip van den Brink and Hans Olijslagers discuss how by breeding for the highest total feed efficiency, you can produce...

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TOPIGS and Norsvin merge into Topigs Norsvin

TOPIGS International and Norsvin International AS have merged their international activities into a new company with the name Topigs Norsvin. The merger of these two...

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Merge TOPIGS and Norsvin

Martin Bijl (CEO Topigs Norsvin) and Bjarne Holm (CDO Topigs Norsvin) explain the merger of TOPIGS and Norsvin. They mention the reasons of the merger and the benefits of it....

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TOPIGS starts in the United Kingdom

TOPIGS has recently started to operate in the United Kingdom. From an AI station in the Birmingham region sperm will be delivered to customers throughout Great Britain....

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Supercomputer provides computing power to animal researchers

On Friday 4 April researchers from Breed4Food started to use their new supercomputer (HPC, High Performance Computing). Thanks to this new computer the researchers will be...

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Ramon Jimenez new manager of TOPIGS Philippines

TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Ramon Jimenez as General Manager of TOPIGS Philippines with effect from 12 February 2014. Mr Jimenez (44) has broad...

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The first TOPIGS Total Feed Efficiency Webinar

On 25 March 2014, the first of two webinars about Total Feed Efficiency will be held. Two prominent speakers will give insights into the latest developments in pig...

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TOPIGS genetics in Brazil: 3.2 piglets per sow more than the national average

In 2012, Brazilian farms with TOPIGS genetics weaned 29.5 piglets per sow per year. This is 3.2 piglets more than the national average. The 25 top herds with TOPIGS genetics...

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TOPIGS starts to banish boar taint from dam lines

TOPIGS has started to breed sows that produce offspring with less boar taint. Boar taint will be part of the breeding objective within the dam lines of TOPIGS. As a result of...

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André Costa new General Manager for TOPIGS do Brasil

TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of André Costa MSc as General Manager of TOPIGS do Brasil with effect from 1 August 2013. Mr Costa (43) has broad experience...

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Reorganisation of the Macedonian market

TOPIGS Hellas is pleased to announce that Eurogene has become the new distributor of TOPIGS genetics in the Republic of Macedonia. Eurogene, directed by N. Vukuvic, owns a...

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Full genome sequence of 70 TOPIGS pigs

Researchers from the Animal Breeding and Genomics Group at Wageningen University and TOPIGS recently sequenced the full genome of 70 TOPIGS pigs. As a result of the...

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Genetic progress TOPIGS adds € 2.64 profit per finisher pig per year

In 2012, TOPIGS realised a genetic progress of € 2.64 per finisher pig. This genetic progress is far greater than in previous years. For example, in 2009 the genetic...

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Also in the USA:TOPIGS boosts number of weaned per sow

Users of TOPIGS genetics in the USA wean 3.5 piglets* more per sow than other pork producers. TOPIGS users weaned 28.3 piglets per sow per year. The average is 24.8. This...

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TOPIGS Research delivers: improved fertility and mothering ability with genomic selection

Applying genomic selection for traits like litter size, mothering abilities and number of still born piglets results in extra genetic progress. TOPIGS’ use of genomic...

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Breed4Food consortium appoints Bernard de Geus as Director

Dr Bernard de Geus has been appointed Director of the Breed4Food consortium. As from 1 June 2013, he will lead the research consortium which is a collaborative effort...

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Ron Hovenier new Breeding Program Manager at TOPIGS

TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Hovenier as Breeding Program Manager. He will start at TOPIGS on 1 April 2013. Ron Hovenier (48) has a wealth of...

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Alexandr Ievlev new General Manager for TOPIGS in Russia

TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexandr Ievlev DVM as General Manager of TOPIGS CIS in Russia with effect from 5 April 2013. Mr Ievlev (46) has broad...

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TOPIGS exports genetics to Bolivia

In January, TOPIGS exported top genetics to Bolivia. A total of 49 grandparent sow line animals and 10 Talent boars were delivered to Geporbol (Genetica Porcina Boliviana)....

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Ekoproduct Ltd new TOPIGS distributor for Bulgaria

TOPIGS is pleased to announce that Ekoproduct Ltd is the new distributor of TOPIGS genetics in Bulgaria. With the appointment of Ekoproduct Ltd as distributor, pig farmers in...

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TOPIGS works with three regions to accommodate growth

TOPIGS has reorganised its worldwide activities into three regions; Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific/Africa. This reorganisation will allow TOPIGS to better accommodate...

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Jose Cordoba new General Manager TOPIGS de Mexico

TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jose Cordoba DMV, MSc, MBA, as General Manager of TOPIGS de Mexico. Jose Cordoba (51) has a broad range of experience in the...

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TOPIGS finds SNPs for litter birthweight and litter uniformity

TOPIGS has found several SNPs which explain genetic variation in litter birthweight and litter uniformity and can be used to breed sows that farrow large, heavy and uniform...

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